Sister Poems for Birthday

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My sister shares a part of me
that no one else
shall ever see.
And when the days
and miles divide us...
the bond we have
shall live inside us.
Together sharing
dreams, love and laughter
My sister for always,
My friend...forever after.

I remember when you were young
Let me reminisce
You're now very very old
Happy Birthday, Sis


You're the bestest (sister) in the world
That's undoubtedly so true
Happy birthday, dear (Tracey)
Happy birthday to you


Sister Birthday Poems, Verses

As it's your (40th) birthday
This hand made card I send
A special card for a special person
My sister and my friend


When it comes to Sisters
There's lots of them about
But you're the very very best
Of that, there is no doubt


Birthday Sister Poems, Verses

Have a really lovely birthday
Enjoy merriment and mirth
You're my very special friend
By heart and by birth
Happy birthday Sis

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