Big Sister Poems

Welcome to Big Sister poems, the web page that brings you poems for a little sister or brother to send to hers or his Big Sister. It covers any occasion, be it birthday or Christmas or missing you

If I didn't send you this
I would be so very remiss
(Happy Birthday)(Congratulations)(Any message)
To my fabulous Big Sis

How lucky I am to have you
I call you my Big Sis
Sis is not short for sister
It is this
Simply Incredible Sister
The one on whom I depend
You’re not just my sister
But my all weather friend
Even when we’re old
You’ll still be top to me
I’ll still call you my Big Sis
That’s what you’ll always be


Hey Big Sis
I'm here
You're there
One of us is in the wrong place!
You are my Big Miss Sis


A Sister Poem


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